Teslacon 2015: The Wild, Wild West


Teslacon 6, the latest installment of Madison, Wisconsin’s annual immersive steampunk convention, was held this past weekend. This was my third Teslacon, following the previous themed events “The Congress of Steam” and “Journey to the Center of the Earth.” This year, Teslacon impresario Eric Jon Larson, “Lord Hastings Robert Bobbins III,” presided over the “Wild, Wild West,” encouraging attendees to give their steampunk outfits some Old West flair. The main event was Saturday night’s spectacular “Night Circus,” featuring Dead Man’s Carnival and Cycropia. Here are some pics I took on Saturday and Sunday:


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“Pilot Go” at Whiteside Review

Pilot Go

My short story “Pilot Go,” about a dog fighting his way through a hostile alien world, is available today at the new science fiction website Whiteside Review.

This one came about as a bit of a writing challenge. I’d been writing a lot of downbeat stories last winter, and my wife suggested I tackle something about dogs. (Well, our dogs specifically. This I did not do.) I settled upon a simple science fiction story which – I only recently realized – was a subconscious take on the famous Albert Camus essay “The Myth of Sisyphus.” But I promise this story isn’t as pretentious as I just made it sound. How can it be, when it features a dog fending off sinister and lethal plants?

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Criterion Blogathon: Belle de Jour

Belle de Jour

This coming week marks one of the biggest Blogathons in history (I have nothing to support that claim, but I’m making it anyway), the Criterion Blogathon, sponsored by Criterion Blues, Speakeasy, and Silver Screenings. The blogathon will highlight a huge (not exaggerating) selection of films from the Criterion Collection. I’m participating via my website Midnight Only with a review of the Luis Buñuel classic Belle de Jour (1967), starring Catherine Deneuve in one of her most iconic roles. Head on over to read my post, or check out the full list of participating blogs.

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